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A Little Peek..

Maybe its ... the peppermint infused steam foot towels that warm, cleanse & ground you at the start of your facial treatment, the heated bed that moulds, cocoons & supports your body or the soft cloud like luxury of the duvet that wraps around you and swaddles you in luxury linen.  The flicker of aromatherapy candles, or the calmness of the music, the coolness of the rose quartz crystals on your face, the personalised consultation, the warm welcome, or that quietness of your moment where you drift away?  The glow of the LED light therapy or simply the no rush moment of calm that's all about you set in the most beautiful of locations or maybe it's because everything I do for your skin, I do with care & love x

Andrea Simpson Facialist Ashby de la Zouch and Melbourne Derbyshire

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