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AlumierMD Facials Derbyshire Leicestershire Andrea Simpson Facialist

Consultation and

Skin Health Analysis





A complimentary 15 min consultation is included prior to your facial to assess if the facial treatment is suitable for you.

If you suffer from rosacea, acne, pigmentation or premature ageing it is highly advisable to book an in-depth skin health analysis consultation, which is a 1 hour detailed holistic approach to look at your skin, routine, current product use, diet, lifestyle and skin goals, with a view to homecare, in-clinic professional treatments for progressive and individual treatment plan.

During the consultation you will have your skin cleansed, analysed with lots of education and skin advise to help you understand your skin, what is happening, why its happening and what  can be done to help with your skin journey.

In-clinic Consultation 

60 mins                 £60 

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