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Peeling your way to healthy skin

If you have never had a chemical peel, the chances are you probably saying to yourself why would I want to peel my skin!

Just the name conjures up the infamous image from Sex in the City of Sammantha post peel. But don't let that image cloud the benefits of what a peel can do for your skin.

Peels date back thousands of years, Cleopatra bathed in milk, of which the lactic acid brightened and smoothed her skin. Today there are many types of chemical peels available to treat ageing, lines, wrinkles, sun damage, acne, acne scarring, rosacea and pigmentation.

By lowering the pH of the skin, peels snips away and loosens dead skin cells, effectively exfoliating the skin on the inside, and encouraging cell renewal revealing a radiant and smoother complexion on the outside.

When you come in for a chemical peel treatment, you will have a consultation and patch test to ascertain that a peel is the correct treatment for you and to choose the right peel that will address your skin concerns. A patch test will be done to check for any sensitivity and you will be advised of what to do before and after your peel treatment.

On your peel day, your skin will be cleansed and prepared and the peel applied. Sometimes the peel can feel very "spicy" sometimes there can be very little tingle sensation. Everyone is different, every peel is different and everyones tolerance is different. Just because it doesn't feel spicy, doesn't mean to say its isn't working correctly at a cellular level. You will be asked on scale of 1-10 how spicy it feels.

Your skin may visibly look various shades of pink to red during the treatment, that is normal, and it may feel very very spicy hot for a moment or two and then the sensation drops. Most of my clients do like the sensation.

After your peel you will be given a Post Peel Kit to take home with you, and these are the only products that should be used on your skin for approx 5 days post peel. Along with the kit you will receive full aftercare treatment advise. This includes keeping your skin cool, avoiding exercise, heat, UV exposure, swimming, waxing, exfoliators, how to use the post peel kit and other product recommendations.

You may find when you arrive home, your skin can sometimes feel hot and red, this is normal and can happen straight away or even a few hours later. It can feel like sunburn and itch a little. Some clients do not always get either sensation.

So will I actually peel you ask? Each treatment is individual and the degree of peeling does not correlate with the degree of improvement. You may have light to moderate peeling in a few localised areas over 3-7 days.

A single treatment will benefit your skin brightening, smoothing, rejuvenating and improving the health of the skin, but sometimes a course of treatments and homecare products will give more significant results.

I choose to use AlumierMD peels as they are medical grade peels that are clinically proven with excellent results and safety. They work progressively and gradually given the skin time to adjust. Regular treatments will improve texture, firmness, decrease find lines and wrinkles, skin tone, improve acne prone skin, reduce pore size and give your skin a beautiful healthy glow!

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What is a chemical peel

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