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"how often should I get a facial?"

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

“Is one of the most asked questions I hear. The answer? Well .....that is as customised for each of my clients as my facial treatments! Everyone has different concerns, time restraints and budget too. Some facial treatments need a course to maximise their benefits for optimum results, followed by regular maintenance, others will target you and your skin's needs at that moment in time.

Now here’s the science ........

Your skin takes on average 28 days to renew itself. Those juicy fresh young cells that have just been born take that length of time to climb their way up the layers of the skin to the top of the epidermis. During their journey they become tired, flat dull and are dead when they reach the surface of your skin. This cell journey slows down the older you get, so now you can see why your skin lacks luminosity, life and glow. Loss of muscle tone, pigmentation, sensitivity, dryness, oil, blackheads, sun damage, lines, wrinkles and acne also need their own individual attention. (Not to mention stress, lifestyle and medication).

So back to the question, how often should I have a facial? Well a professional facial once a month is a great starting place for healthy skin, to professionally counteract life and environmental skin stress and make you feel great! It gets blood and oxygen to the cells to feed them, deep cleans, gets rid of toxins/debris from the pores and dead skin cells are removed. Individual concerns can be addressed and the best way forward to make a difference put in place .......And then there is the facial fairy magic!

Let’s work on your skin as a team! Xx

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How often should I get a facial?
How often should I get a facial?

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