Skin Rejuvenation System with Pulse Triggered Laser

Byonik has won The Skincare Device of the Year Award for two years in a row and is used Dr Tijion Esho and Dr Ravi in London.  Once I had experienced it, I know I had to share it with you!


Light induced skin rejuvenation by BYONIK is a revolutionary, non invasive,  pain free and no downtime treatment.  The patented Pulse-Triggered Laser (PTL) adjusts its frequencies to the rhythm of your body cell processes and cell functions.  

Its unique, result driven that adjusts to your skin's needs every single treatment, simultaneously addressing all concerns. The revolutionary cold laser repairs and re-energies cells, restoring collagen elastin and reducing inflammation, so also very beneficial for acne and rosacea.

Its a relaxing treatment, suitable for:

*Rejuvenation of all signs of ageing 

*Acne - all levels




*Couperose & sensitive skin

*Skin Health

*Loss of collagen & elastin

*Wrinkles & lines

*All skin colours

**If you have been unable to have advanced facial treatments due to medication/health - this treatment could be the answer as there are very little contraindications for it, which really makes it an inclusive treatment.

Available from Mid January 2021

and bookings already being taken