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Mesoestetics Global Eyecon

Global Eyecon

If your eye area is a concern for you ... perhaps drooping upper eyelids, expression lines and wrinkles, under eye bags or under eye circles this could be the solution you have been looking for.

This treatment, available here at Andrea Simpson Facialist, Derbyshire, has been developed by Mesoestetics with extensive research to target the specific issues found in the delicate eye contour area. 

Its a unique combination of techniques and products to target the eye area like no other treatment for more potent and effective results with cumulative and visible results from the first session.

Mesoestetics Global Eyecon


Plan & Cost

The Global Eyecon is a 6 week treatment programme that consists of 3 Global Eyecon Peels and 3 micro needling sessions alternating over 6 weeks.

There is minimal discomfort and downtime and each sessions takes approx 30 minutes

Cost £540

Global Eyecon Before & After Andrea Simp
Global Eyecon Before and After 1st treat
Global Eyecon Before and After 1st  Trea
Global Eyecon Before and After
Global Eyecon Before and After
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