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Geneo Radio Frequency Facial Andrea Simpson Facialist


4in1 Super Facial

This clinical science treatment. it suitable for just about everyone.  Packed full of active ingredients it exfoliates and infuses creating thousands of bubbles which penetrate & oxygenate all cells of the skin.  Making them stronger, healthier, more resilient & hydrated.  


It also uses Tripollar Radio Frequency to heat the skin which tightens the collagen & elastin fibres which is great for lax skin around the jaw, neck, cheeks and mouth.  It also stimulates collagen synthesis for long term collagen production for plumper skin. 


Geneo is relaxing, pain free and no down time. It’s perfect as a skin refresher before a special event but for best results a course of 6 taken every 1-2 weeks and then monthly maintenance.

Face & Neck 75mins.  £ 114

Face 60mins                 £ 102

Face Course x 6           £ 551

Boost results further by adding on The Coolift Cryo Boost £55

Geneo Tripollar Radio Frequency


Radio Frequency

TriPollar Radio Frequency is used to stimulate fibroblast activity to produce collagen formulation and immediately tighten fibres for contour and definition.

Face & Neck         £84

Face or Neck        £60

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