andrea simpson autograph facial

Totally tailored to you and your skin's needs.  Hands on, your skin is luxuriously lavished to hydrate, decongest, brighten and rejuvenate. Face & scalp massage alleviates toxins, puffiness, improves skin & calms the mind.  All combined with luxury sensory touches for a subliminal spa experience with Andrea Simpson Facialist

Snuggle down ...

Cocooned in soft while linen, feel the heat on your back, the steam on your face and drift away

Autograph Facial ~ power nap included

60 mins


Upgrade with LED Light Therapy for £20

andrea simpson

autograph facial platinum

The ultimate bespoke facial treatment.  The aim is to optimize every moment for a result driven facial using mixed clinical modalities for skin maximum rejuvenation.  This can include GeneO+, A-lift micro and nano current, radio frequency, microdermabrasion, LED light therapy, light peels. This is a great 4-6 weekly maintenance treatment after a course of treatments such as GeneO+ and A-lift




express luxe facial

This is a great choice for those who need a deep cleanse but don't have much time. It combines high performing active ingredients with a thorough deep cleanse, including steam to address your skin concerns.  Excellent introduction for teen problematic skin.

30 mins


Upgrade with LED Light Therapy for £20

LED light therapy

Neo Elegance light therapy uses different coloured light that activates photoreceptors in the skin.  Skin cells absorb its energy, healing, rejuvenating & also has antibacterial affects.  Tested by medical labs and even NASA!  Acne, ageing, sun-damage, pigmentation, rosacea, sensitivity, and redness can all be treated with this customised LED facial treatment.

50 mins  £50

60 mins  £60

*UPGRADE any treatment with a LED 20 minutes boost to any facial for £20

andrea simpson

autograph facial silver & gold

A little more of you and your skin time, whether its ageing, rejuvenation, lifting, acne, brightening, exfoliation or a combination of all of this, the silver and rose gold autograph facial enables me to be able to introduce the little extra things your skin may need, like technical equipment & advanced professional products for a total advanced clinical experience .... all of course sprinkled with an holistic approach and luxury sensory touches for a subliminal facial experience

Silver 75 mins


Gold 90mins


crystal clear


The Celebrities Favourite Treatment!  It's a clinically proven and celebrated skin resurfacing treatment that offers flawless results for problem skin, lines, wrinkles and pigmentation.  In clinical trials it was conclusively proven to dramatically improve the texture and appearance of the skin, reducing & smoothing lines & wrinkles producing a more beautiful & rejuvenated skin. Cooling rose quartz crystals are also used to gently massage to calm, cool & soothe. It includes a luxury lifting mask.

50 mins


Course of 10 treatments £420

Microdermabrasion Express

30 mins


Upgrade with LED Light Therapy for £20

utter bliss

Sink deep into the warm therapy bed, let the hot volcanic stones & warm aroma oil cocoon your back and let the massage calmly melt away stress.  Loose yourself in the subliminal face treatment that will evoke your senses & treat your skin, the head massage will then soothe and calm your busy mind leaving you totally balanced and in a state of utter bliss.

90 mins


Upgrade with LED Light Therapy for £20

mummy to be bliss

The ultimate mummy to be treatment.   Feel cocooned with pillows, soft linen and snuggle down in calming comfort whilst warm oils are luxuriously used to gently massage, relaxing the body and the soul after a light back exfoliation. Your face will then be treated to a truly personalised facial and as you dream away, a beautiful head massage soothes away a busy mind. Totally mummy to be bliss!

90mins  £70

* Suitable and safe for all mummy's to be from 12 weeks/first trimester stage.