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The Pyramid Facelift

If you want a non-invasive, non surgical, clinically proven and medical platform delivering results in a holistic way then the Devine Pro Pyramid Facelift Treatment could be the treatment you are looking for.

I brought this technology to the clinic for my clients who are seeing their face contours, nose to mouth lines and jowls drop, their skin lacking in volume and loss of elasticity, open pores, texture, tone, lines and wrinkles, but especially for that lower face area which needs 'lift and tightening' a concern lots of clients.

It's like a mini facelift without the scalpel!


Pyramid Facelift Devine Pro Andrea Simpson Facialist

How Does The Pyramid Facelift Work?

BYONIK is a Class 3B mid Laser, or a cold laser and is non thermal (no heat) so any damage to the skin due to over heating is not possible so will not burn or remover colour from or image skin tissue. BYONIK is non ablative, you don't have to stay out of the sun and is pain free. It uses Light wavelengths of Red Laser Light 658nm and Near Infra-red Laser light 808nm. 


There is no risk of scarring, pigmentary changes or infection.  Cells are energised to promote a healing response.  It is effective for every skin type, there is NO downtime and is PAIN FREE with no risk of trauma or photosensitivity.  

The BYONIK is such incredible technology and is indicated for just ab

everyone and I am so excited to have the BYONIK for your skin and be the first clinic in the East Midlands to bring this to you here at Andrea Simpson Facialist.

Devine Pro Pyramid Facelift Andrea Simpson Facialist

What skin concerns can The Pyramid Facelift benefit?

Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Menopausal Skin


Naso Labia Folds (Marionette Lines)

Crows Feet lines

Loss of Volume

Loss of Elasticity

Drooping jawline

Sagging Neck


Open pores 

Loss of Collagen

Acne Scars

Decolette ageing


BYONIK Laser Prices

 Cellular Rejuvenation Treatment £195 per session/£995 for a course of 6 (Saving £175)


Quick Power

£130 per session/£665 for a course of 6 (Saving £115)

Express Treatment

£100 per session/£510 for a course of 6 (Saving £90)

Acne Laser Only*

(For Cystic Acne Only)

£45/£300 for a course of 6

*Treatments must one taken closely together to address the red inflammation and then progress to quick power or another appropriate treatment for progressive results.

course of 4 - under eyes, eyebrows lifti
redness, lifting, under eyes
rosacea and psoriasis on hairline
lifting and skin tightening after 6
lifting, tightening, hydration, fine lin
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