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Treatment time is very precious to all of us ...

Please read the following important information to ensure you enjoy every blissful moment of your treatment time.  By reading, it also ensures that you can be treated on the day of your appointment, avoiding any charges for late or on the day/time of treatment cancellation.

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Pre Treatment Checklist

* Avoid wearing make-up if possible.  Let me spend the time treating your skin rather than removing your make-up.

* Hydrate - drink plenty of water before and after.

* Do your normal skin routine and products as you would normally do on the day.  Missing them out will affect how your skin looks and feels when I treat you.

* IMPORTANT * Plan your diary

* Stop using your Retinol, Vitamin A, AHA's, exfoliators etc a few days before treatment.

* You cannot be treated for some treatments if you have had Filler (including filler top up) 4 weeks before your facial.

*You cannot be treated for some treatments if you have had Botox (including top up) 2 weeks before your facial.  

* You cannot be treated for some treatments if you have had semi-perminent make-up (including micro-blading) until your artist has advised when you can. Usually a min of 4 weeks for some treatments.

* LVL or lash extensions allow at least 48 hours before facial.

* You cannot be treated if you have an active cold sore.

* Advise if you have had any advanced treatments elsewhere within a few days/weeks of your facial as this could affect the facial treatment you can receive.

* Please let me know if you have or suffering from infections of the ears, throat, toothache, feeling unwell, or had and skin lesions removed from the face, neck decollate recently.

* If there is anything that you think 'maybe I should mention' please do, I always want to ensure I give you and your skin the best and safest facial treatment experience possible, protecting both our precious treatment time and avoiding any disappointment on the day of your treatment.