Non-surgical Facelifting

Using both nano and micro-current sets this non surgical facelifting device above other systems of face-lifting.  It works by sending tiny impulses through the skin, increasing collagen, reducing wrinkles and charging cells with energy and draining harmful toxins.  Plumping and firming the tissue to give a more youthful look.  It slows down the visible signs of ageing and re-charges the ATP within the cells unto 500%.  The cells in turn start to behave like younger cells!

Its a painless and very relaxing treatment with no downtime, leaving skin looking airbrushed, lifted and glowing post treatment.

Treatment Plan

& Cost

course of 10 treatments give best results.  2-3 a week is recommend for maximum results and a monthly maintenance treatment.  T

The A-lift is a popular device used in the AS Autograph Gold and Platinum Facials.

60 mins

Course x 10                 £540

Course x 5.                  £285 

Individual                    £   60